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[ROM] All ROMs for Wildfire (newest version) listed by release date. – xda-developers

As liderzre did for the HTC Tattoo, i will try to maintain a list of lasts ROM releases for the Wildfire digging in the news at least once a day. If i missed a link correct me.

ROMs Listed by AOSP/Sense and release date:

AOSP – no Sense:
2010-12-15HCDR.Gingerfire v0.2a || Still won’t work much. (2.3 – AOSP – no Sense) by HCDR.JacobThread here.
2010-12-12CyanogenMod 6.1.0 (Stable) for HTC Buzz (Wildfire) || Nightlies now up (2.2.1 – AOSP – no Sense) by HCDR.JacobThread here.
2010-12-06UtmostROM_2.0.8a (2.2.1 – AOSP – no Sense) by UtmostMick0Thread here.
2010-10-31OpenFire v 2.3 Froyo 2.2.1 – Facebook sync fix! (2.2.1 – AOSP – no Sense) by adeadratThread here.

2010-12-21 DK Custom Froyo v4.2 (Based on HTC Official Froyo 2.2.1) (2.2.1 – Sense) by Deep_KnightThread here.
2010-12-19SUnAaBh v1.1|FROYO|SENSE|Insanely Stable|Fast|more details inside.. (2.2.1 – Sense) by warriorvibhu Thread here.
2010-12-19 WildPuzzleROM_2.2 v0.3, Multilang, Circlebattery mod, Screenshots (2.2 – Sense) by danne_joThread here.
2010-12-102.22.405.1 r1 – MoDaCo Custom ROM (Froyo 2.2.1) with Online Kitchen (2.2.1 – Sense) by paulobrienThread here.
2010-11-10EfferusIgnis_1.0_(Eclair)_Three_uk_ROM (2.1 – Sense) by adamsyThread here.
2010-11-03 WildPuzzleROM_2.1 Eclair v1.0.1 (2.1 – Sense) by danne_jo Thread here.
2010-10-25 WildPuzzleROM_2.2 Froyo v8.0.11 (2.2 – Sense) by danne_joThread here.
2010-09-19 VIBES v1.6|Rooted|App2SD|Wifi-Tether|RAM Optimized|Fast|Updatable by warriorvibhu Thread here.

Note: Essentials Differences between ROMs – by adeadrat (slighting outdated – adeadrat, if you like, could you provide a brief upgrade? – thnx)

[KERNEL][OC/UV][BFQ][AUFS][FTW][GPL] HCDR.Kernel v4.1 || Flash to any ROM by HCDR.Jacob

2010-11-28Repack of the chinese RUU, Android 2.2 Froyo Rooted Chinese apps removed (Stock – 2.2 – Sense) by Andrey765Thread here.

Unrevoked 3 for Wildfire is now available
[GUIDE] One Click How to Root the Wildfire with Unrevoked 3.21
[AlphaRev] = FULL ROOT, AlphaRev soon to WILDFIRE (Proved working!)
[GUIDE] Turkeys‘ Ultimate Guide to Root Wildfire v42.1.2 (Root ROM A2SD & Unoot!)

Hoping useful, comments appreciated.

Very useful


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