Verfasst von: hugahaga | 2 Oktober 2010

How to play .flac files in iTunes – Simple Help

Updated method to play FLAC files in iTunes

  1. Download and install Fluke. Fluke is actually an AppleScript, saved as an Application bundle, that includes all of the software used in the longer method
  2. Select one or more FLAC files, right-click (ctrl-click for single-button mouse folks), choose Open With and select Other….

righ-click flac files and select open with then other

  • Navigate to Fluke, select it and click Open
  • opening flac files with fluke
    click to enlarge

  • A window will pop up, some text will fly by, the window will close and you’ll be presented with the option to import the “items” (flac files) into iTunes. Click Yes
  • confirmation window on importing items to itunes

  • And your FLAC files will be added to iTunes. That’s it – give them a play, set the tags etc. You’re done!
  • flac files playing in itunes

    finally a solution that worked for me!


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